OU cousin story (cont.)

Hello world!

Remember when I told you a story about my OU cousin that ended up not being a story about her– and told you about Nikki, my Nigerian friend? This is my story about Nikki.

Nikki is one of the kindest souls I have met on this campus. She is always full of life and has a great outlook on life. She was born and raised in Nigeria and went to a private Indian school where only Indian students were admitted run by the high commission. When Nikki first mentioned that, I was completely confused. So I went to my friend Google for answers! Turns out the Nigeria high commission is actually headquartered in Delhi and oversees all immigration, trade and investment activities between the two countries. They build private schools for Indians living in Nigeria, but only allow those children to go to school there, which is. something Nikki hated about her school. However, she does claim she had good memories and met some good people there, so I’m guessing she doesn’t resent it completely.

When it came time to apply for college, she, like many of her classmates, looked abroad for options. She got into many good colleges and professional certification programs, but because her sister was already at OU, she chose to come to OU to study interior design. She is very active on campus and loves participating in international programs. I enjoy hearing her stories about her childhood with her sister and family in Nigeria and how much they miss it. I’m so glad I got to meet her and wish the best for her future!

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