OU Cousin Story

Hello world!

So funny story– this post is actually not about my OU cousin. I wish it was, but unfortunately, I never got to meet her. I was introduced to her via email, which allowed me to learn her name: Noemie Ntahonkiriye. We talked a few times over email. I learned that she was a transfer student (she did not say from where) and that she was a junior. We also realized┬áthat we both love biology, which is something I would have loved to talk more about. A few days later, we had arranged to meet for dinner on campus. Unfortunately, her phone broke during work and she could not get a ride home if she stayed back to have dinner with me. So she went home and emailed me afterwards. I understood the situation and wanted to reschedule a meeting but never heard back from her.

However, I did meet some other awesome international students on campus! I honestly wish I had spend more time with them (something I hope to do more the coming semester) but between all my classes and extracurricular activities, I prioritized my time too heavily upon other things. I did meet an awesome Colombian named Karen, who took me and a few other friends┬áto a Hispanic party where I learned (using that term very loosely) how to salsa. I also met Nikki, who is a freshman from Nigeria, through my SAIV dance group (stay tuned for a post about her– she’s amazing!). I met a few other international students, especially on the international floor in the Couch residence halls, who I unfortunately did not get to connect with better. Hopefully, I get to do so and make more fun memories with them during the coming semester.




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