Reflection #10

Hello World!

Prompt: Have you gone on an international volunteer trip before? If so, how did it compare with the criticisms of international volunteerism you have encountered? What is your reaction to that? If not, are you interested in doing international service in the future? Why or why not? If so, how will you approach it? What will you look for?

I have always found international volunteer trips very life-changing and is definitely on my college bucket list. I did not know of such an opportunity till I came to OU and the study abroad office. Although many students do study abroad in language emerssion programs or earn college credit through it, I have only heard of few that go out of nation solely to volunteer. While volunteering in general is a selfless act, it takes an especially incredible person to volunteer abroad. Volunteering abroad not only demands physical, but also mental and emotional readiness. Also, an ability to adapt quickly and give your best to improve a community you have possibly never met is a tough task, yet a very fulfilling one. These are just some of the reasons I find international volunteer trips attractive.

As mentioned before, I have been looking at World Unite, which I only found out about recently. They have plenty of volunteering and language immersion programs from both undergraduate and graduate students in numerous countries. Personally, I have been looking into clinical volunteering programs in Morocco, India and Israel. I hope to participate in one of those programs in the coming summer, and if I get that opportunity, I will be sure to keep you all updated!

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