Reflection #8

Hello world!

Prompt: Look up either a few of the staple foods or dishes or the traditional music of a country you want to visit, and describe why they are or aren’t appealing.

I believe in love. My love on earth is when food and travel come together, which is what this post will discuss. Since I have not exactly decided which country I want to study abroad in, I decided to just choose one from my general area of interest: Morocco. My interest in morocco was sparked by a dear friend of mine that got a scholarship through the federal government to study abroad for two months in Morocco. He spent his days with a host family, traveling, studying and writing about his time in Morocco (if I ever find the link to his blog, I will be sure to update you all! Although it was a while ago, I remember it as well worth the read). Within those short two months, he learned so much about Islamic culture and brought that passion back with him to college. He became an outspoken activist in the issues between Israel and Palestine and even went to Jordan for study abroad during college. His travel and work became such an inspiration to me, that I’m currently looking for an affordable study abroad program in Morocco.



Enough of all that, let’s talk about food! From every popular recipe website popped out these two main staples of Moroccan cuisine (pictured above): Moroccan chicken tajine with almonds and chestnuts, and Moroccan mint tea. I looked over some recipes while trying to keep myself from drooling and it sounds really delicious! I have never tried the chicken tajine before, but I read it is made in a traditional clay crockpot called tajine, which is where the famous dish gets its name. The mint tea is something I have tried before, but I have a strong feeling the authentic Moroccan version will taste much better. Next goal: find a Moroccan friend and have him/her make me some chicken tajine!

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