Reflection #9

Hello world!

Prompt: Look up either a few of the staple foods or dishes or the traditional music of a country you want to visit, and describe why they are or aren’t appealing.

I know, I know I already did this prompt. But I loved researching and writing about Morocco so much that I wanted to discuss Moroccan music through this post. I will be honest, I think international music (other than Indian– can’t really call what I grew up with “international”) is really cool but I do not listen to it as much as I want. My dad, on the other hand, loves music. He is a strong believer in the fact that music has no language; and once that barrier is taken off, the tones, rhythm and all the neat sounds that create the naked music is blissfully enjoyable.

With that in mind, I looked up moroccan music. I was led to many videos of men in bright clothing with a round instrument in their hands. Those men reminded me of the Sufi dancers that I saw when I went on vacation to the middle east. Then one thing led to another and I soon found myself listening to very soothing Sufi music. I learned that Sufis are very common in Morocco. Sufi dancing refers to a series of motions, many that involve spinning facing up towards the sky, that are said to take you into a trance and bring you closer to Allah. In morocco, Sufi music is often mixed with traditional African rhythms. Both men and women sing and play instruments to create Sufi music, but I have not seen any women actually dancing to sufi rhythms. It is mainly just men that participate in dancing. Following is a link to the Sufi meditation music I found really appealing after clicking through various Moroccan music videos: Moroccan Sufi Meditation Music

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